Passive Agressive Internet Madness

“Don’t you hate it when people…”

“I can’t believe that some people…”

“Maybe if some people…”

No. Stop it.

It is not some people.

You are being annoying.

You are talking about A SPECIFIC FREAKING PERSON. You are not generalizing, you are not grouping together, you are not making a mass statement. You are taking the coward’s way out and taking that one “awful” person in your life and writing a passive aggressive status update/tweet/comment/blog yada yada in hopes that you will get attention/shame that person/seem like not such a terrible human being.

Sheesh. 2 days ago I wrote an FB status update and a tweet that stated: “Don’t you just hate passive aggressive, attention seeking, tantrum tweets/status updates? Yeah that’s right, I’m talking about you. You big jerkface.” Within minutes I had several people respond to it to see who it was, or if it was them, or why was I personally attacking the way they express themselves on the internet. (side note – while jerkface is not a real word, it is a great made up one)

I sincerely apologize to all of you ridiculous people, because it was a JOKE. I did it for the sole purpose of putting it in this blog as an example of how our little “internets” world works now. Back in the day when normal people were upset with each other they either spoke to them about it or ignored them. Both of these ways are still fully functional ways of being a decent human today. But in this lovely online world we love shaming someone. Even if you do a general statement… most of your friends know who you are talking about anyway! Might as well tag them.

So I can promise you, whoever you are, that when you piss me off (when, not if, someone will piss me off soon probably) if we can’t work our differences out face to face, I personally will tag you in whatever offensive update I post on the internet. Just so we all can be clear that I’m mad at you, only you, always you.

Rant done.