Or… ya know… Just my current favorite movies. I’d like to think that my opinion matters that much… But I know it doesn’t.

Warning: This is going to be a long and opinionated post.

Now my favorite movies aren’t really in any order except for the first one. After the first one I don’t really care about the order…

#1 Ultimate BEST MOVIE EVER : Ever After


It’s so beautiful! The feels… The emotions… The Cinderella-ness of it all.

Now other movies… In no real or apparent order because I couldn’t be bothered to really think about it.

~ Monty Python and the Holy Grail


If you don’t think this movie is hilarious then we can’t be friends. This is the epitome of comedy.

~ Hot Rod


Andy Samberg is amazing. This movie will make you laugh till you cry.

~ Napoleon Dynamite


It’s so stupid that it’s funny. It just is.

~ Swan Princess


I once watched this movie 10 times in one day. It never gets old. This is my childhood in a nutshell… Not that I turned into a swan or anything…

~ Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


The best musical ever! Also, if I ever need to do extended amounts of cleaning I always watch/listen to this. I don’t know why.

~ National Treasure


I can’t stand Nicolas Cage. He’s awful. At life. But this movie rocks my history major socks!

~ 101 Dalmatians


We used to own a Dalmatian and I would watch this movie with him. He would bark whenever Cruella spoke. No joke.

~ Peter Pan (live action one not the cartoon one, though the cartoon one was good too)


Just a darn good movie. “I want to give you a thimble.” Get’s me every time!

~ Lara Croft Tomb Raider


This is just a good awesome action flick. And Daniel Craig is in it shirtless… So…

~ Fantastic Mr. Fox


I hate stop motion/claymation types of movies. But for some reason, I love this movie.

~ Singin’ In The Rain


Gene Kelly is amazing. I know he’s dead, but if he was alive I’d have such a crush on him…

~ The Hunger Games


One of the few books – to – movies that actually went well and I actually approved of. Also, it’s just a really freakin’ awesome movie.

~ Sleeping Beauty


Hands Down – Best Disney Princess Movie Ever. Don’t argue with me. I don’t care. It just is.

~ Breakfast At Tiffany’s


It’s a classic. If you haven’t watched it… Well I think you’re probably just an uncultured swine of sorts.

~ Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl


Let’s be honest. The 1st one was the best one. The others were ok. The last one was practically crap.

~ Harry Potter


All of them. It’s a tie. Don’t make me choose my favorite. I can’t. I’ll just cry.

So that’s that.

If you feel the need to argue with my ‘epic choices of greatness’ feel free to comment. I love a good fight.