Socially Acceptable Sweatpants

I really wish they existed.

Because I really love wearing sweatpants.


For reals, yo.

I have been told, for most of my life, that it is socially unacceptable for normal people to wear sweatpants out in public. Unless you are a model or way more chic than I am and you look like this:


(Honestly that’s not even fair…. I could never make sweatpants look that good.)

Let’s be honest though… We usually tend to judge people who look sloppy out in public. And wearing sweatpants is a great and comfy way to look sloppy. (This of course excludes all athletic activities when you wear sweatpants.)

But sometimes you are having a rough day, and just want to be comfy ya know?


We’ve all been there… We’ve all been there.

But that feeling of going from jeans/dress/slacks/skirt to sweatpants… Ahhh… The best feeling of comfort in the world!

I try to be very understanding when people wear sweatpants in public. They could be playing a sport, doing laundry, etc, etc… Except when they wear these types of sweatpants:


If you wear these. I will judge you. I hate hate HATE hate when people (it really should be just girls but I’ve seen guys with it) have some sort of writing on the butt of their pants. You are drawing the wrong kind of attention to your booty.

And I don’t really want to know if your butt is PINK or JUICY… those seem like personal problems and you should go to the doctor if those are you symptoms.

What do you think? Sweatpants in public yes or no?

(Please say yes so I can use that as an excuse to wear them to the grocery store!)