October 2015 – Birchbox

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What?!?!? Alyssa is actually reviewing her current Birchbox in the current month?? IS THE WORLD ENDING?!?!? Maybe.


Benefit They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara – For this month’s box I was allowed to pick from 4 different mascaras, which sample I wanted. I have been wanting to try this mascara for awhile because I’d heard people rave about it. Now it is true, it does lengthen your lashes, but that’s about all it does. I assume because the lengthening formula is so heavy, it got rid of all the curl in my lashes. I was left with very long and very straight lashes. You’d probably have to whip out your eyelash curler and go to town after using this mascara. (Full Size $24)


Origins Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion – GENTLE MY BUTT! Their is NOTHING gentle about this dermabrasion. NOTHING. This is from SATAN himself!!!!! After using this my skin felt like it was on fire, my eyes watered for over an hour, and my skin was beat read for 2 days. 2 FREAKIN DAYS. I don’t know what’s in this, but I assume hellfire and brimstone. (Full Size $39.50)


Too Cool for School DinoPlatz Highlighter – I generally prefer a powder highlighter. I tried this 2 different ways. The first, I put it on over my pressed powder, it didn’t blend as well as I hoped and was VERY shiny. The second, I put in on before I put my pressed powder on and it blended nicely on my skin and was a more muted highlight. (Full Size $33)


Dear Clark Thickening Balm – I was very excited to use this product because I have thin, fragile hair and I’m constantly looking for new ways to boost up my volume. A warning though – use a lot less than the directions say. The first time I used this it was too much and made my hair turn out stiff and greasy. The next time I just used the tiniest amount on my ends and it looked a lot nicer. Didn’t really look like my hair was thicker though. (Full Size $26)


BioRepublic Green Tea Detox Purifying Mask – My new found love this year is face masks! They are my favorite thing and I love using them when I take a bath. They are perfect for “me” time. This mask was lovely! It felt great, it smelled awesome, and it made my skin super soft and bright. (Full Size Set of 3 $14.50)

Stay pretty (and warm)!


September 2015 – Birchbox

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September’s Birchbox theme was “You’re Beautiful.” Well… Birchbox that’s pretty presumptuous because you haven’t seen me first thing in the morning. Yikes.


ModelCo Ultra Long Lasting Lipstick – I have never heard of this company before and I was pleasantly surprised by this lipstick. It is a beautiful bright red that goes on great and last for several hours. (Full Size Trio Set $20)


Rusk Elixir Mist – THIS. IS. HORRIBLE. Don’t put it on dry hair, don’t put it on wet hair, don’t put it on any of your hairs anywhere!!!!! Made me look like a greaseball. (Full Size $24)


Dr. Brandt Pores No More Cleanser – Even though this was just last month, I don’t remember much about this product. I know I didn’t finish it up because it made my eyes sting when I used it, and I even made sure not to get it near my eyes. It felt very stringent on my sensitive skin. (Full Size $35)


Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream – First off, this was “blueberry” scented. If by blueberries, they mean, the fakest blueberry chemical scent ever, than sure, it was blueberry scented. This shaving cream went on like a gel, but never foamed up at all. It was hard to see if it was even really still on my leg. The gel clogged up my razor as well. I would not recommend this. (Full Size $20)


Wilma Schumann Skincare Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads – I bought a similar product to this from China off of Amazon. Those were gold colored and worked really well. These worked EVEN BETTER! I love collagen eye pads and I would recommend them to anyone who suffers from tired eyes and dark circles. One trick I’ve learned is that you stick these in the fridge a few minutes before you put them on and the feel oh so cool and lovely on your skin! (Full Size Set of 5 $18)

Stay pretty internet peeps!

August 2015 – Birchbox


August’s Birchbox came to me slightly squished, but the pool theme was absolutely adorable.


Coola Makeup Setting Spray – I really liked this spray and as a bonus it was SPF 30! The spray went on nice and dried quickly. The only downside was that after 2 uses my spray top broke! I tried for a week to fix it, but sadly I didn’t get to use the rest of my sample. (Full Size $36)


LAQA & Co Cheeky Lip – In a previous box I got a LAQA lip color that I loved, this one was disappointing. It said that it could be used on your lips or your cheeks, neither worked for me. It’s an orangey-coral color that didn’t look great with my skin tone. On my cheeks, it wouldn’t blend, it just smeared all over the place. On my lips, it was like the color wouldn’t set. It was constantly streaky and smearing all over. Not great. (Full Size Trio Kit $20)


I Am Juicy Couture – I think it’s every 20 something year old woman’s dream to have a Juicy Couture perfume. But to afford it, I’d probably have to sell a kidney on the black market. This smelled heavenly. I loved it. (Full Size $94)


Parlor Smoothing Blowout Spray – I’ve used blow out sprays in the past, and so far I haven’t found one that I’m in love with yet. This just gave my hair the teensiest extra shine, but that’s about it. (Full Size $24)


IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer – I’m not a big primer person anymore because I’ve gone off of foundations. I mostly like to use tinted BB creams now because they compliment my freckles better. But I’ve used the primer when I mix a smidgen of foundation with my BB cream and it comes out very nicely. Seems like a pretty average primer to me. (Full Size $28)

Stay Beautiful you lovely people of the internet!

July 2015 – Birchbox



July’s Birchbox theme was “Go Bold.” I assume they meant to be bold with beauty and maybe not like boldly go break the law…


Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum – Yet again, the name Supergoop baffles me. This was a special sunscreen serum just for your face. My sister and I went to Roseland Water Park and Enchanted Forest Water Safari this summer. I used this serum on both occasions and it worked really well. I’m always wary about using regular sunscreen on my face because it’s such a heavy product to put on. This serum was lightweight but still protected my skin from the sun. (Full Size $42)


Stila Look At Me Liquid Lipstick – People really did look at me. I usually wear pink and red lipsticks (sometimes I throw a berry on to be daring). Never in my life have I ever worn a shade of pink this bright. People definitely noticed and most of them did not have nice comments about it. BUT I liked it. It went on as a liquid and dried quickly to a matte lipstick. It lasted FOREVER. Like by the end of the day after eating 2 meals with this lipstick on, I had to use makeup remover to get it off. This is some long lasting color! (Full Size Trio Set $35)


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream – This product was just strange! It promised to do 1,000 different things on the packaging and in actuality it did nothing.It was supposed to color correct to my skin, but it never was really the right shade. It smelled awful. Like a freakin green smoothie. It didn’t blend in well. It was streaky. Just awful. Don’t buy it. (Full Size $39)


Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream –  Yet again, I was sent a Harvey Prince scent. This time it was a body cream. I had been sent Hello perfume previously and I liked the smell. The body cream was nice, smelled good, and made my skin feel soft. (Full Size $22)


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – Ironically I got this and then a day or so later I was watching Grace Helbig‘s favorites video and she mentioned this spray. You use it instead of a dry shampoo. I liked using this on just washed hair because it gave it the little bit of texture that I needed, but I didn’t really like using it instead of a dry shampoo on my non-hair wash days. It doesn’t absorb the oils in your hair as well as dry shampoo does. But it’s still a really cool product. (Full Size $42)

Hey there Internet, Stay Beautiful!

June 2015 – Birchbox


  June’s Birchbox theme was “Adventure is a State of Mind.” I don’t know what that means. If adventure is just in my mind… Then that sounds like a terribly boring adventure.


Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – I loved this stuff! This is a great high end dry shampoo! It was light, brushed in well, and didn’t make my hair look horrible. I would absolutely recommend it! (Full Size $22)


Supergoop Every Day Sunscreen – It will always bewilder me that someone actually wanted to name their company “Supergoop.” I am pale. Very, very, very pale. SPF 50 is my minimum requirement for sunscreen. The sample was quite small, but I would use this on my shoulders (one of the first places I usually get burned) during June and July. It worked really well and didn’t make my skin feel overly greasy. (Full Size $48)


Dr. Jart Night BB Beauty Balm – I love Dr. Jart stuff so much! This stuff was fabulous and I really need to purchase it! This is a moisturizing night mask that you put on right before you go to bed. When you wake up your skin feels much more refreshed and looks brighter. Love it! (Full Size $38)


Marcelle Mini Waterproof Eyeliner – I’m still on the fence about this liner. I love blue eyeliner, and this stuff (though it looks dark) is a bright blue. It’s really nice on my water line and it goes on smoothly on my eye, but it doesn’t blend out well. So if all you want to do is a line, with no smudging or smokey look to it, then this liner will work for you. (Full Size Kit of 3 $35)


Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel –  This stuff was awesome. You put it on your face and then literally 3 minutes later you peel it off and it looks like you’ve peeled off a layer of your skin. My skin looked great after I used this. I used it once a week for 3 weeks and my skin did brighten and felt better. (Full Size $48)


L. Erickson Narrow Grab and Go Pony – This elastic SUCKED. It claimed that the weird spiral thing on it helped keep the elastic in your hair without leaving an imprint on your hair. That was a lie. I could wrap this around my ponytail like 4 times and it would still just slide off of my hair. I wouldn’t even do anything to shake my head around and it would just fall out of my hair. WORST HAIR TIE EVER. (Full Set of 6 $12)

Stay Beautiful Internet People!

May 2015 – Birchbox


May’s Birchbox theme was “Cupcakes and Cashmere” and I was disappointed that my box did not contain cupcakes or any cashmere items. I did really like the design of the box this month, it was very pretty!


Marcelle Hydra – C Energizing Hydrating Gel –  I’m gonna be honest here, it’s been awhile since May and I don’t remember much about this stuff. I think it was ok. But clearly not amazing enough for me to remember it. For some reason I have a vague feeling that it made my face feel sticky. (Full Size $24)


Parlor Sea Salt Spray – This stuff had potential, but it fell a little short. I love sea salt spray and I use it a lot during the summer (too hot and lazy to do my hair). This spray had a nice texture but it smelled bad. And I know that most sea salt sprays smell like the sea, but this smelled worse. I can’t even describe the smell, but I hated it. Blech. (Full Size $24)

IMG_3932 IMG_3933

Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream – I’ve been really into eye cream this year (especially after learning that women should start using anti-aging/wrinkle at the age of 25!!!!). I currently love my Clinque eye cream, but this stuff was really nice. It did sting my eyes a little bit. My only major complaint was that the pot was TINY. Like I couldn’t even fit my finger in the pot, I had to use the tip of my pinky. That was super annoying. (Full Size $34)

IMG_3934 IMG_3935

Harvey Prince Hello Perfume – Usually I hate the perfumes I get sent, but this one was actually nice. It was a lot lighter than most Harvey Prince scents and smelled of citrus. (Full Size $55)

   IMG_3936 IMG_3937

Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette – This was my favorite item in the box! I love love love the gold shade, it is stunning and blends out really well. The chocolate shade is also really great to use for a muted smoky eye. The pink and purple shades were VERY light and I have to build them up quite a bit to get the desired color. (Full Size $40)

Stay Beautiful!

February 2015 – Birchbox

February’s Birchbox theme was all about friendship. I assume that I was supposed to share my box with one of my friends. I didn’t. I’m aware of how selfish I am.
IMG_3464 IMG_3466

First item out of the box was: Obliphica Professional Intensive Hair Serum. I took this out first because it was in that little pink pouch and it had obviously started to leak and I wanted it out of my box ASAP. This stuff is freakin amazing. I put it on the bottom part of my hair (not on the roots or you’ll look like a greaseball) when I get out of the shower. I let it soak in for a minute or two and then I put my other hair products in and blow dry my hair. Boy oh boy, this serum makes my hair so shiny, so soft, so healthy looking. It amazes me. (Full size $38)


Next was: Coola Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Tint. I really had high hopes for this. I love my BB and CC creams, but this just sucked. It felt greasy in my hands, it felt greasy on my face, and it gave me a nice “look like I’ve worked in a pizza shop all day” kind of greasy shine to my face. No thank you. (Full size $36)


Up next was: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. I’m gonna be honest here, I don’t know what oat milk is, but that’s ok because whatever it is, I like it to be in my hair. Last year when I started to get purple ombre in my hair, I had to learn how to not wash my hair everyday. I had been washing my hair every day for the last… 24 years. My lovely hairdresser introduced me to dry shampoo and I fell in love. I’ve gone through a few different kinds, and my current favorite is from Dove. I really liked this Klorane stuff though. It felt heaver in my hair then my Dove stuff, but that just meant I could use less of it. I didn’t fall in love with it, but I did fall in like with it.  (Full size $19.50)


My makeup product was: Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Ohhhh, this stuff is good! Now I don’t know where they get the “skinny” part from because I thought it gave me a pretty thick line. My go to liquid eyeliner is usually Kat Von D Tattoo Liner but I did find myself going back and forth between the two. I liked Eyeko because the nubbin (yes, that is what I call the end of an eyeliner) was stiffer and gave me an easily build-able and thicker lash line. (Full size $16)


And my favorite product this month is: Marcelle Gentle Make-up Remover for Sensitive Eyes. Oh. My. Lanta. This stuff is just. I can’t even. I RARELY swear by a product, but I will swear by this. I’ve used countless different eye makeup removers in the past and they always sting my eyes. This doesn’t. I repeat. THIS DOES NOT STING AT ALL. It feels like little angels kissing all of your eye makeup off. It doesn’t leave my skin raw or feeling oily. It doesn’t sting and a little goes a long way with this stuff. Never have I ever been this excited for a skin product. (Full size $15)

IMG_3467There’s my February box for ya. Stay beautiful, you fabulous people of the internet.