Mid-Term Project – #Ist646

This week I was hopping a ride on the struggle bus. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Which made this assignment that much harder. For this week’s assignment we had to create a 1:30-2 minute video that contained pictures, narration, music, etc.

I really struggled with creating this story for some reason. It took me 3 days to figure I wanted to tell the story of how I got my cat. Then it took 2 days just to record my audio! No matter what I did, I just didn’t like my script. Even now as I listen to it one last time (it’s already edited, compressed, yada yada…. I’m not changing it again!), I’m still not really happy with it. But I don’t know what to do to make it better. Perhaps this is storyteller’s block? Is that a thing?


This story is about how I acquired my cat. She is a 1 year old Russian Blue named Tickles. I’m very passionate about animals and that passion carries over into adoption/fostering pets. I think one of the best things you can do if you’re lonely is to go to your local animal shelter and love on some fur babies. I know so many animals get forgotten or put down because someone wanted to pay big bucks to get the latest Poodle/Retriever/Pug mix. Animals are not accessories, they are companions. They are family. Adopting a shelter animal won’t just save their life, if might just save yours too.

Adopt. Don’t Shop.


#IST646 – The Travelers and the Bear


This week in class one of our assignments was to create a digital story using Audacity. I had heard of Audacity before, but I’d never used it. As I watched the tutorials I was relieved to see that the tools are simple and quite similar to the iMovie tools that I’m used to. The hardest part about this assignment was finding a good story! And not just a good story, a good story that lends itself to fun sound effects and background music! (We are getting so techy and fancy with our stories now!) With a cushy 1 minute (ish) limit, it was hard for me to find something that was short, sweet, and fun.

I ended up reading through a book of Aesop’s fables to try and find a good story. I’m one of the few people (and librarians) on this earth who DOES NOT like Aesop’s Fables. I know, I know. They are supposed to teach good lessons, blah blah blah. I remember as a child I had an Aesop’s Fables book and I hated all of the stories in it because they all had such miserable endings. I’m a sucker for a happy ending. So, as I was pouring over the Aesop book I didn’t have high hopes of finding a fable I favored. I stumbled upon the tale of “The Travelers and the Bear.” I’d never heard this story before and it’s kind of funny when you think about the ending. And at least no one dies in this fable… *oops, that probably was a spoiler alert*

The moral of this story is…. Misfortune is the true test of friendship.

The Travelers and the Bear hosted on PodOmatic!



#IST646 – First Assignment!

Hello People of the Internet,

I have completed my first assignment for my first ever Grad Class – IST 646 – Storytelling for the Information Professional.

This week we had some great reading assignments and our first Exercise was to record ourselves telling a story. It had to be either a myth, tall tale, or a personal story.

I chose the tall tale of “Babe the Blue Ox.” I picked this story because I’ve been thinking about my Grandpa a lot lately. He passed away last November a few days before Thanksgiving. He was a man of few words, but the stories that he told were always so amazing! He was the first person to ever tell me the story of Paul Bunyan. I remember the first time he told it to me, I thought Paul was a real person! Haha! I wanted to go meet him! I’m sure I didn’t tell the story as good as my Grandpa did, but I gave it a shot!


This Post Is About A Shower Curtain

Yep. You read that right. This whole post is about the shower curtain in the upstairs bathroom of my (parents) house.


This is the shower curtain.

So my Mother has a distinct sense of decor in our house and most of it is ‘americana/colonial/primitive’ and this type of patterned fabric is called toile. The fabric kind of ‘tells a story’ of sorts. It has pictures of different scenes on it.


People apparently swinging.

I can not tell you how many times I’ve looked/stared at this shower curtain. Seeing all the cute little scenes… Naming the people… etc..


I named the young lad Bill.

I just noticed something last night. Something very disturbing. There is an animal on this shower curtain that looks demonic.



No it’s not the slightly deformed looking sheep.



No it is not the dog with the slightly bulging eyes.



No it is not even this depressed looking donkey.

It is this creature.



This is goat? Whaaaat?!?!? What happened to it? Why is it’s eye practically in it’s ear? Why does it’s mouth look like a sharp pointy beak? Why is it so lumpy? Why does it look like it has an eye in between it’s horns. Just WHY?!?!!???



What pits of hell did this creature come from? Why have I never noticed this before? I shower every day! I should have seen this. And now that I’ve seen it, I can’t un-see it. Now as soon as I walk into the bathroom… I can feel it watching me. Following my every move. Looking at me with it’s 1 1/2 eyes.




So I’ve been getting a little ‘flack’ about how my blog is all sorts of negative and sad.

So this post is about a cat.


So this is my sister’s cat. His name is Go-T. Yes,  she did spell it that way. When my sister was younger she wanted to name him “after the little beard that guys have” – my dad told her it was called a goatee. She felt like spelling it however she pleased. Whenever we are at the Vet office they call him “GOT”  – people think we named our cat “Got” – i.e. people think we are idiots.


This is also a great time to mention that his original name was Tinkerbell! But due to some physical changes we realized he couldn’t keep that name. Or we could call him Tinkerballs, but that seemed inappropriate.


Now he really is my sister’s cat. I can’t stand him. He annoys me. I’m not a big cat person. He really annoys me. And I’m pretty sure he bothers me on purpose. Whenever my sister is home he loves and cuddles with her and constantly sleeps on her bed. He leaves me alone. It’s great. But as soon as she leaves for college. He feels the need to park his butt on my bed and lick himself every day. I constantly have to pick off nasty wet hairballs from my blankets. It’s revolting.


Yes, he’s fat, but not that fat. My bed is incredibly small.

I throw him (literally) off of my bed at least 10 times a day. I put barriers and walls of pillows and baskets on my bed so he can’t jump on. And yet, I’ll get home from work. And there he is. On my bed. Licking away. He bothers me.


Or I will be trying to work on my computer – whether it be research for my blog, or watching a YouTube clip, or finding new music, etc. – he feels the need to jump on my bed, get as close to me as possible, but not touch me. Like a freaking 4 year old bully!!!!! He gets his paw as close as possible and then I tell him to get away from me and he’ll give me this looks that says “I’m not touching you!”


And he doesn’t even do anything! At least I can play with my dog, or walk him around the block, or having semi-good conversations with him. Go-T doesn’t do anything! He sleeps, he eats, he goes outside, he eats, he licks himself, he eats, he sleeps… That’s all he does!


Do you know where my hatred started? I do. Christmas 2006. I had begged my parents for the new iPod nano. It was super cool and I would be the first of my friends to have anything like it and I wouldn’t have to carry around my CD walkman anymore! And they actually got it for me! They left it for the last present and I screamed and cried for joy when I opened it. I immediately ran to the computer to load my CDs onto it. I then left it on my bed to take a shower. I came out of the shower and saw that the cat was on my bed and had my BRAND NEW IPOD NANO in between his paws. I yelled NO! And right when I yelled, that little jerk took his paw, stuck out his claws, and SCRATCHED THE SCREEN OF MY BRAND NEW IPOD NANO. I then promptly threw him down the stairs (literally – don’t tell my sister). Now I’m not one to hold a grudge for 7 years… But that cat is my arch nemesis.


I didn’t smother him… This is just a picture of him having a rough day.

What Does The Fox Say?

YLVIS – The Fox

Not that. Nope. Just not that.

ylvis - the fox


(As a side note here, I jumped on the bandwagon a little late for this song. But now I listen to it almost daily and I keep having to convince myself that buying it on iTunes would be a waste of money… Probably. Also I showed the video to my mother… Possibly the best/worst decision of my life. She will now randomly shout out ‘What does the fox say?’)

iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - Show


As much as I would love to talk about the obnoxious Norwegian brothers that make up YLVIS… And the fact that somehow it is on the Billboard 100… And is currently in the top 10 iTunes songs… And the fact that they made the dumb video and song as a huge joke and yet it made them ridiculously famous… I’m here to educate you people.

Here’s some learnin’ for ya.

Foxes actually do make ‘a noise’ or ‘say’ things. They actually have several vocal calls and responses to each other.

For example: barking, alarm barking, vixen scream, warning scream, gekkering (quiet yelps/howls/chattering), huffing, coughing noises, and howling.

What The Fox Actually Says!

Fox Calls

Scream of a Red Fox



Good talk. I’m glad we cleared the air here and got serious for once.

So… {awkward silence}

I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite awhile. Though I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to post about…

I like food, but I rarely cook. I love music, but most people don’t like the same music. I quite like leopard print, but I’ve been told that it’s tacky (though I’d like to point out that it is SO coming back into fashion this upcoming winter). I like reading, but just weird young adult books (i have a theory that I’m not a real grown up yet-fingers crossed it never happens).

So I guess I’ll just write about me, though what a terribly boring subject.

Just kidding, I’m freaking awesome. Ask any of my friends. All 5 of them will agree I’m fantastic… most of the time… usually… when I’m not grumpy or hungry… usually only when I’m quiet or asleep.

So maybe a little about myself…

  • Favorite Animal – Sheep
  • Favorite Color – Red… but sometimes pink
  • Favorite Person – My sister, when she is being pleasant to me
  • Favorite artists/bands – My Chemical Romance, Relient K, Newsboys, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Taylor Swift, NSYNC (yep, that’s right), Bing Crosby, Etta James, and One Direction (don’t you dare judge me!)
  • Favorite Food – Pizza
  • Favorite Dessert – Brownies
  • Favorite Sport – Soccer
  • Favorite President – Abraham Lincoln
  • Favorite Book – Peter Pan
  • Favorite Movie – Ever After

Well… If you’re not asleep yet, then just wait! I’m sure I can think of more trivial things to put in here.

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to ranting on here and seeing where this goes.