Hello, My name is Alyssa and this is my blog.

This page is entitled ‘About’ but that could mean a lot of things. I mean do you want to know about me or about sheep or about fragile 20-something year old girls who is living on her own?

Well it’s your lucky day because all of those things will be in my posts! (The sheep thing is really just because sheep are my favorite animal.)

I started this blog because I tend to be loud when I share my opinions and no one would really just listen to me. As much as I’d love to talk your ear off about what I think, I find that putting it in writing works much better. (Although all of my endearing and lovely sarcasm is usually sacrificed in this process.)

I am also highly dissatisfied with my life and I’m constantly looking for bigger and better things, so you can expect a lot of whining also. (But cute whining, because I can be pretty adorable sometimes, at least that’s what my Grandma tells me.)

If you like/love/hate/loathe/enjoy anything you read on here please like a post or let me know in the comments! I promise I’ll read it, and depending on what you write I’ll probably cry/laugh/smile/respond!

So here’s to having fun and being annoying… And doing both on purpose!


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