January and February Book Displays

Hello groovy internet people! I wanted to share the book displays I did in January and February for my library’s Young Adult room.

For January my theme was “Chill out… with a cool read.” As I always do I found some inspiration from Pinterest, combined a few ideas, and came up with this one! I printed the words out in blue color and picked a font that kind of made it look like the letters were shaking because they were so cold. I found some adorable polar bear pictures that I laminated (so I can use them again!). I made the snowflakes from a water damaged book that we had to get rid of – if I remember correctly it was The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Don’t Worry! I promise we are replacing it! I also made “snowballs” from color copies of some of our new/popular YA books. I wanted to mix new young adult books and some older ones to encourage the teens to browse more on the shelves and not just pick up whatever is on the new cart. Everyone seemed to like it – though I did have one patron say that “it looks too busy” so I will try and keep that in mind from now on 🙂

For February my theme has been “Fall in Love with a Good Book!” I basically ripped this one right off from Pinterest. I saw about a dozen different versions of this online, but I don’t have a lot of wall space to work with, so I had to adjust it. Instead of making a giant swirling circle, I went with a big swish. The smaller hearts are made of construction paper and book pages (from a discarded book – don’t worry!) and they were cut out using a die-cut machine. The giant heart is also made out of construction paper and was made from a giant die-cut. I took a few of the middle sections of the discarded book and carefully cut them out so they were still attached by the binding. I took the two middle pages and stapled/taped them together to create a heart shape. We had run out of sticky-tack so I attached the “book” to the wall with tape, and shockingly it is still up! I though for sure that it was too heavy and would have fallen down by now, but so far-so good! On the main shelves in our YA room I displayed a bunch of lovey-dovey teen romances.


My Abyss Month

The definition of “abyss” according to Google is: abyss

That is what January is to me.

Everyone has that one month of the year that it is extremely difficult for them to get through. Mine is January. I hate January. The only holiday is New Years Day, which is on the first day of the month and it isn’t even that great. Since I live in NY, January is cold, snowy, damp, and dark.

I feel like January is endless. It feels like my abyss. I can never see the end of the month until I’m there on the 31st.

Back in 2012 January became the worst month of my life and I will still attest to that month containing some of the worst and most painful days that I have ever been through. Every January gets harder for me. I’m reminded of all the bad that happened and I get a ridiculously large case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


On January 1st I always feel like I’m balancing on my toes staring into a dark hole. February 1st comes along and it almost feels like a breath of fresh air, like I’ve been holding my breath for 31 days – just waiting for something bad to happen.

February is here and I feel like I can focus more on my graduate school work, look forward to spring, and feel a little lighter even though we are still in winter.

The image above is of Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole. The video below is of his dive and it is amazing and terrifying all at the same time.