A Banjo Fool – #IST646 Final Project

The end is near!

The end of this class that is. Today I finished my FINAL PROJECT!!!

I can honestly say that this project was a labor of love! There were many mishaps, miscommunications, and missed nights of sleep. But it’s as done as it will ever be!

My Final Project is titled “A Banjo Fool.” This story is about how I wanted to surprise my Dad and do something special for him. I decided to learn the banjo. This video is my journey, and mishaps, of learning the banjo.


(P.S. Make sure to watch all the way till the end! There is a surprise after the credits πŸ˜€ )


2 thoughts on “A Banjo Fool – #IST646 Final Project

  1. Marilyn Arnone says:

    What a terrific surprise for your dad. And a wonderful tribute to your grandfather and your dad’s love of bluegrass music and the banjo. You did a great job of telling the “story” and I would love to know how your dad responded when he watched it! Do “tell!”

    • alyssamaeharvey says:

      He loved watching it! And he commented on how I picked some really good pictures of him from the past! Haha! He also said his banjo playing at the end was clearly impeccable πŸ˜€

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