June 2015 – Birchbox


  June’s Birchbox theme was “Adventure is a State of Mind.” I don’t know what that means. If adventure is just in my mind… Then that sounds like a terribly boring adventure.


Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – I loved this stuff! This is a great high end dry shampoo! It was light, brushed in well, and didn’t make my hair look horrible. I would absolutely recommend it! (Full Size $22)


Supergoop Every Day Sunscreen – It will always bewilder me that someone actually wanted to name their company “Supergoop.” I am pale. Very, very, very pale. SPF 50 is my minimum requirement for sunscreen. The sample was quite small, but I would use this on my shoulders (one of the first places I usually get burned) during June and July. It worked really well and didn’t make my skin feel overly greasy. (Full Size $48)


Dr. Jart Night BB Beauty Balm – I love Dr. Jart stuff so much! This stuff was fabulous and I really need to purchase it! This is a moisturizing night mask that you put on right before you go to bed. When you wake up your skin feels much more refreshed and looks brighter. Love it! (Full Size $38)


Marcelle Mini Waterproof Eyeliner – I’m still on the fence about this liner. I love blue eyeliner, and this stuff (though it looks dark) is a bright blue. It’s really nice on my water line and it goes on smoothly on my eye, but it doesn’t blend out well. So if all you want to do is a line, with no smudging or smokey look to it, then this liner will work for you. (Full Size Kit of 3 $35)


Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel –  This stuff was awesome. You put it on your face and then literally 3 minutes later you peel it off and it looks like you’ve peeled off a layer of your skin. My skin looked great after I used this. I used it once a week for 3 weeks and my skin did brighten and felt better. (Full Size $48)


L. Erickson Narrow Grab and Go Pony – This elastic SUCKED. It claimed that the weird spiral thing on it helped keep the elastic in your hair without leaving an imprint on your hair. That was a lie. I could wrap this around my ponytail like 4 times and it would still just slide off of my hair. I wouldn’t even do anything to shake my head around and it would just fall out of my hair. WORST HAIR TIE EVER. (Full Set of 6 $12)

Stay Beautiful Internet People!


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