April 2015 – Birchbox

Yes, I am acutely aware that it is July. But I’ve been suuuuuuper busy going to work and watching YouTube videos and basically doing nothing with my life. Nothing takes up a lot of time. (Or maybe you just suck at blogging Alyssa!!!!!)

IMG_3724 IMG_3725

In April, I opted out of the normal Birchbox choice and I got the special Mad Men box. (Sidenote: I have never watched Mad Men and I know nothing about the show.)

First out of the box was: Not Soap Radio Body Wash, Bathing With Sharks. I picked this out of the box first because it had the word shark on it and the blue color of the body wash was really pretty. Now in this picture I’m sure the bottle looks huge, it is not, look at the picture above for reference. This bottle was tiny and I love to really lather up in the shower. I use way too much body wash all the time, but I don’t care. I love the bubbles. So out of the 3 uses I got out of this, I can say that it was nice. It smelled good, lathered good, and cleaned my body. (Full Size $16)


Next up was: 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment. I’ve heard a lot of good things about 12 Benefits and I know a lot of people swear by their products, but I just wasn’t impressed. I never really saw much of a change in my hair when I used it. I guess it made it a smidgen shinier but that’s about it. (Full Size $21)


Next was: Cynthia Rowley Beauty Brightening Illuminator. I HATED THIS STUFF. I’m still very on the fence about illuminating my cheeks and making them shinier, I feel like if you don’t do it right, it just looks like you have a really sweaty face. (And honestly most of the time I have a really sweaty face.) This stuff was so runny that when I first tried to use it, it looked like I had just put shiny glittery water in my hand. The second time I used it, it was even runnier (is that a word??) and splashed out onto my shorts and stained them. I am not pleased with this product. It’s also almost impossible to blend. No bueno. (Full Size $28)

 IMG_3729 IMG_3728

The perfume scent was : CLEAN. I was not a fan of this scent. It was very musky/mature lady smelling. Not my kind of thing. (Full Size $69)

IMG_3730 IMG_3731

And my favorite thing in the box was: LAQA & Co. Lip Lube Pencil. I love this lip pencil! It is such a pretty bubblegum pink color, it looks amazing on my lips and the color lasts for quite awhile. I HIGHLY recommend this lip pencil for lipstick virgins or for pros!


That’s all for the month of April! Stay beautiful, you fabulous Internet people.