My Hobby

One of my (very few) hobbies is making friendship bracelets. I started years ago, developing the talent from being a counselor at summer camp. My sister and my friend Becky taught me how to do 3 different patterns and after that I would make bracelets constantly.

When I lived in South Carolina, I was alone a lot and as someone who has anxiety attacks, being on my own was very stressful. But I found that if I was constantly occupied with something, I couldn’t dwell on the fact that I was alone or lonely. I would sit for hours and listen to music or binge watch a TV show and just make bracelet after bracelet. I would send them off to my camp friends in a huge package. The summer and fall of 2011 was quite possibly one of the worst times of my entire life and I think I made about 300 bracelets during that time. It became an obsession. Even after I moved back to New York I would sit on my bed and make bracelets. I wasn’t alone anymore, but it became like an obsession to me – almost like a security blanket. Something I needed to do to feel better. 

And as I sit alone in my apartment now, I feel the familiar tug to sit and make bracelets and occupy my mind so I don’t dwell on other things.

But what is one to do, with hundreds of friendship bracelets, and no one to give them to.