I’m not dead I promise

So I’ve been gone for awhile. And I’m sorry about that. I haven’t posted anything of real content for a while. But I have a reason for it, and it’s not a good one.

Some people hurt my feelings.

I know, trivial isn’t it? People hurt my little old feelings and I stopped posting.

You’d think I’d be used to having my feelings hurt. It happens quite a lot.

I was told by a few people that they didn’t like my blog. They didn’t like my attitude. They didn’t like what I wrote about.

Ya know what that says to me? You don’t like me. Join the club, a lot of people don’t.

But I let it get to me. And now with some encouragement from an awesome Aunt, Uncle, and best friend – I got over it.

And here’s my new philosophy : If you don’t like what I write. Don’t read it.

What I put on here is my own personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs, dreams, etc. – and if you don’t like it? DON’T READ IT. No one is forcing you to read what I put here. And the fact that some people felt that they needed to come up to me and speak to me about the content of my blog and tell me that they hated it – tells me that you don’t respect me at all. You don’t respect the fact that this little blog is my safe space. The space where I can come and say whatever I want. I hide behind my computer screen and keyboard so people in the real world don’t beat me up (I’m not sure if I’m joking or not… One of these days I may actually get the crap kicked out of me.)

So in conclusion: I will be blogging again. I will hopefully be vlogging as well and starting a YouTube page. I will stop letting other people’s negativity affect me. I will be happy.

Side note: I am moving out of my parents house! HAPPY NEWS YEAH WHOOHOO!!! I got an apartment and I am moving in a few weeks. So expect a lot of apartment and decorating related blog posts coming up in the next few months.

Thanks for sticking around guys.


Music I Don’t Get

I love music. 


I listen to music constantly and I’m always trying to listen to new artists and get involved… But there is some music and artists that I JUST DON’T GET.

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s my brain, I don’t really know. Don’t get me wrong, I love all types of music genres – I just think that sometimes my inner self does not work well with certain things/people/music/personalities. 

For example:

I don’t get Arcade Fire. I’ve listened to some of their songs, I’ve watched them perform live, and I just can’t get into them. And they are so wildly popular. But I just listen to it and go… What is this? What is going on in my head right now….

I don’t get The Killers. I have 2 Killers songs on my iPhone and I rarely listen to them. They are from the Hot Fuss album. I feel like once the lead singer grew a mustache it got all weird… And distracting.

I don’t get Frank Ocean. He just doesn’t make sense in my head. Especially live. I just can’t wrap my mind around understanding his music. 

I don’t get James Arthur. This is mostly because I don’t get him as a person – therefore I find it hard to commit to his music. I think he’s really negative and kind of mean.

I don’t get Luke Bryan. This is probably because I have a hard time listening to country music. I feel like most of the songs say the same thing over and over again. Also I find the Southern accent grating. 

I don’t get 5th Harmony. I think this maybe because their fans are all sorts of CRAY CRAY. Don’t believe me – go on Twitter. They are scary.

I don’t get Robin Thicke. I can blame the radio for this. They have played ‘Blurred Lines’ so many times that I want to rip my ears off. Also… I’m pretty sure that song amplifies date rape… 

I don’t get Zedd, Calvin Harris, Avicii, and any other DJ who uses random artists to make ridiculously catchy dance songs. Why do you keep making club music?

I don’t get Cee Lo Green. He’s creepy. As creepy as crap. I liked ‘Crazy’ back when it came out forever ago. His new stuff is odd and he dresses like a muppet and I find that distracting. 

I don’t get Kanye West. I’m sure he’s great but I kind of think he’s sort of a douchebag. So out of respect for myself I don’t listen to him.

I don’t get Eminem. Most of the time I can’t understand what he’s saying (I’m like this with most rap actually). I don’t actually have much to add to this… I really just don’t like Eminem. 

I don’t get Pitbull. First off, I’d like to say that when he’s not wearing sunglasses he looks like a pedophile. Secondly, all of his songs sound the same. Every. Single. One.

I don’t get Florida Georgia Line. Yet again, with most country music – it’s just hard for me to listen to. 

I don’t get FUN. They don’t seem that fun. Also ‘We Are Young’ was played so much when it first came out that if I ever hear it I usually feel like throwing my radio out the window.

HOLIDAY BONUS : I don’t get the Christmas song “Christmas Shoes” – I hate this song. If it comes on the radio, I actually with just turn my entire radio off and rant about how much I hate this song. Does it make me a bad person? Maybe, probably, most likely, I don’t care. I hate that song. Not because it makes me sad, it doesn’t make me sad, it makes me very very very angry. The song makes no sense, it is not realistic, they made a dumb Hallmark movie about it, and it is played every 5 minutes during December.