Tangled: Stranger Danger

I love the movie Tangled. It’s all sorts of adorable and cute and the songs are so catchy that it drives you nuts with happiness (or maybe just nuts…)!


I’ve used frying pans in several self defense situations since I watched this movie.

Tangled is an adorably endearing take on the fairytale ‘Rapunzel’ – it has the secret princess with the long hair, the dashing handsome savior, the mean witch/crazy old lady, a chameleon… Actually I’m pretty sure the chameleon wasn’t in the Grimm Brothers’ version… 

Tangled has some lovely lessons about friendship, loyalty, trust, love, etc… But do you know what Tangled doesn’t address?



For reals though. There is NO lesson in this movie about not trusting strangers. In fact the movie indefinitely promotes talking to strangers, inviting them into your home, chatting them up in a bar…

When I was a child I was terrified of strangers. Like absolutely terrified. The first time I met distant cousins I didn’t speak to them for over a year. My mother put the fear of strangers in me (she also put the fear of God, knives, drugs, bad grades, disappointing her, and failure in me). I wouldn’t even look at people I didn’t know. Thankfully I grew out of this… during my freshman year of college (didn’t make a lot of friends that year).

Now I know Rapunzel is the most sheltered human being on earth during this movie, but her ‘Mother’ warns her CONSTANTLY of strangers and how dangerous they are and how they want to kill her. But she just lets one take her away to see some lights? Has she no sense of fear? No sense of self preservation?


I know he’s handsome… But the creepy ones always are! He could have sold her as a sexual slave to South America!

Now if I was Rapunzel, I’d want to high-tail it out of that tower ASAP. I know Rap (yeah, I shortened her name, what are you going to do about it?) loves her ‘Mother’ but even she had to realize that Mother Gothel was cray cray. Like major cray cray. There were many signs… So maybe Rapunzel thought that her ‘Mom’s’ view on strangers was wrong? 


This would be one of those signs we talked about. Kids, if you ‘mom’ cuddles your hair, you can take it as a sign that she is crazy.

So Rap runs off with the charming stranger to go see some lights. They stop at the local pub. Where she just starts chatting people up? I’ve been to a bar before… I didn’t talk to any strangers. Drunk people tend to make rash decisions. I didn’t want to be involved in any of those decisions. Not only does Rap talk to them, she sings with them. Then trusts them to help save her. She just met these guys? One of them has a hook? Since when did we all just start trusting people with hooks for hands???



Seriously kids, don’t go into bars. Don’t talk to strangers in bars. And certainly don’t take an escape route suggested by a large bald man with a villain mustache and a hook for a hand. 


Especially if they have a hook for a hand. Seriously.

So in the end Rap falls in love with the handsome stranger- of course. And after saving his life and him saving her life they get married. Kids, this does not happen in real life. It just doesn’t. We’ve all tried to come to grips with it and accept it. You will most likely not meet a gorgeous stranger and within 24 hours, fall hopelessly in love with each other, and have your parents approve of a sudden wedding.


Not real life. Never real life.

So folks, in conclusions. Don’t trust strangers because we don’t live in a Disney movie where everything works out perfectly. We have normal lives which are all imperfect and slightly messed up.

And some strangers can kill you and you don’t want to end up as an inspiration to a ‘Criminal Minds’ episode.



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