Taylor Swift

No snazzy title today folks, because I still feel miserable. This will probably be crap since I’m hopped up on cold meds… But here we go anyways.

I love Taylor Swift.


So pretty. So perfect.

Now my love for T-Swizzle is a recent development of about 3 years. I didn’t really care for her… Because… I hate country music. That’s right, I said it. I’ll even say it again.  I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC. It’s crap. BUT I don’t think Taylor is “that” country anymore and her new music is lovely and pop and I listen to it now.


Ohhhh pretty guitar.

Now I love Taylor so much that this past summer, for my birthday, me and my sister, and 4 of my friend went to Philadelphia to see her in concert (actually me, my sister and 1 friend went to see her, 2 of my friends went for Ed Sheeran, and I’m not sure why my other friend came because they just whined and complained the whole time)!

Here are some pictures from that concert!


We are all poor, so we had terrible seats. Absolutely terrible. We were I think 10 rows down from the top.


Yep, could barely even see the screen. Still worth it though.


Most of the time I had no idea what was happening on stage. Still worth it.


Worth it.

In fact, during the concert, right before Taylor Swift was going to come on. There was a HUGE thunderstorm that hit the OPEN stadium. They advised everyone to go inside and hide. We didn’t. I made my friends sit in the rain. So if she came back on we wouldn’t miss her. We got very wet. We sat in the rain for a long time. They all hated me. But the concert was amazing!

(Side note: I was so happy when the concert actually started that I pretty much cried through the first 2 songs. That’s right. I cried. Like a freaking baby. Tears of joy. It was amazing.)


My favorite Taylor Swift song is “Mean” – mostly because I can really relate to it. I got picked on a lot in school. I had braces, glasses, super short hair, and I was fat. So yeah… Not a lot going for me. I also like: “Begin Again” – “White Horse” – “Haunted” – and a lot of other mushy sad love ones… I know I know… That’s like all of them.


She just seems like she’d be a great BFF. And yes, I know she’s dated a lot of people. Yes, I know she is always labeled as the “innocent one” and all these men/boys are terrible people for breaking her heart. Yes, I know she might be the problem. I don’t care. She’s perfect. And lovely. And a wonderful person.

She also just gave a crap-ton of money to start an awesome new school for kids interested in music!


She cares about everyone! She’s lovely!

Also, I have her perfume. And it smells amazing. I smell like Taylor Swift. It’s almost like we’re friends in real life!


Did I mention she is gorgeous?


It’s amazing to think that someone who is only a 5 months younger than me, has accomplished so much in life. I have accomplished nothing…. Well, I know most of her songs by heart… That’s something right?


Big finale finish! Whoohoooo….

I need to blow my nose again.


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