So I’ve been getting a little ‘flack’ about how my blog is all sorts of negative and sad.

So this post is about a cat.


So this is my sister’s cat. His name is Go-T. Yes,  she did spell it that way. When my sister was younger she wanted to name him “after the little beard that guys have” – my dad told her it was called a goatee. She felt like spelling it however she pleased. Whenever we are at the Vet office they call him “GOT”  – people think we named our cat “Got” – i.e. people think we are idiots.


This is also a great time to mention that his original name was Tinkerbell! But due to some physical changes we realized he couldn’t keep that name. Or we could call him Tinkerballs, but that seemed inappropriate.


Now he really is my sister’s cat. I can’t stand him. He annoys me. I’m not a big cat person. He really annoys me. And I’m pretty sure he bothers me on purpose. Whenever my sister is home he loves and cuddles with her and constantly sleeps on her bed. He leaves me alone. It’s great. But as soon as she leaves for college. He feels the need to park his butt on my bed and lick himself every day. I constantly have to pick off nasty wet hairballs from my blankets. It’s revolting.


Yes, he’s fat, but not that fat. My bed is incredibly small.

I throw him (literally) off of my bed at least 10 times a day. I put barriers and walls of pillows and baskets on my bed so he can’t jump on. And yet, I’ll get home from work. And there he is. On my bed. Licking away. He bothers me.


Or I will be trying to work on my computer – whether it be research for my blog, or watching a YouTube clip, or finding new music, etc. – he feels the need to jump on my bed, get as close to me as possible, but not touch me. Like a freaking 4 year old bully!!!!! He gets his paw as close as possible and then I tell him to get away from me and he’ll give me this looks that says “I’m not touching you!”


And he doesn’t even do anything! At least I can play with my dog, or walk him around the block, or having semi-good conversations with him. Go-T doesn’t do anything! He sleeps, he eats, he goes outside, he eats, he licks himself, he eats, he sleeps… That’s all he does!


Do you know where my hatred started? I do. Christmas 2006. I had begged my parents for the new iPod nano. It was super cool and I would be the first of my friends to have anything like it and I wouldn’t have to carry around my CD walkman anymore! And they actually got it for me! They left it for the last present and I screamed and cried for joy when I opened it. I immediately ran to the computer to load my CDs onto it. I then left it on my bed to take a shower. I came out of the shower and saw that the cat was on my bed and had my BRAND NEW IPOD NANO in between his paws. I yelled NO! And right when I yelled, that little jerk took his paw, stuck out his claws, and SCRATCHED THE SCREEN OF MY BRAND NEW IPOD NANO. I then promptly threw him down the stairs (literally – don’t tell my sister). Now I’m not one to hold a grudge for 7 years… But that cat is my arch nemesis.


I didn’t smother him… This is just a picture of him having a rough day.


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