Ellen Degeneres – Please Adopt Me!

Or ya know… Just be my best friend.

I have this weird tendency – I will talk about how AMAZING Ellen Degeneres is if anyone within a 50 foot radius mentions her name. I love her. She is the epitome of a good GOOD good person.


I can’t even begin to number or go into all the ways that I love Ellen (her generosity, her love, her support, her perfectness, her show, her everything…). She is just a good person. And lets be honest. There aren’t many of those type of people in this world. Can you name one actually really good person? Do you know anyone that is just good. Good. I love my family and friends, but come on, none of them are good in the sense that they are selfless, kindhearted, generous, and wonderful.

Now do I know Ellen personally? No. Clearly not (I would have way more followers on Twitter if I did). But I don’t think this is just a TV front. I don’t think she acts one way in front of the camera and then is a total b**** behind the camera. That just doesn’t seem possible.

She is lovely.


She is also freaking hilarious. She is sarcastic and a silly little prankster. I personally love it when she scares celebrities. It really brings them down to earth in a humbling and terrifying situation.


She is such an adorable jokester.


Other awesome things about her (besides always scaring Taylor Swift – get on YouTube and watch that crap, you will cry from laughing) – she has some awesome friends (like One Direction, Justin Timberlake, and Kermit the Frog)!




AWWWWWW!! (If you don’t think that’s adorable than you are a heartless beast!)

She’s so awesome.


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