I want to move to London.


So sometimes I get sick of living in the United States of America (like when our silly government shuts down) and I dream about moving to England and possibly living in London. London looks lovely. Granted I am a jaded and irrational American girl…


So I looked up a few facts. Most of the facts came from Wikipedia, the Daily Mail, US News reports, and the government (yeah that’s right… I know the government… all of it).

The crime rate is pretty so-so compared to the 2 countries. England has a higher amount of fraud crimes (229,000 per year) than the U.S. does. But the U.S. has 3 times the murders (14,827 last year) than England does. So someone may steal my identity in England… But I probably wouldn’t get murdered in my sleep.

When it comes to National Debt… Both countries are pretty much screwed. But, in technical money terms, England is less screwed. The U.S. nation debt is $16.8 TRILLION (jeez trillion…). The national debt of the United Kingdom (not just England) is 1.16 trillion pounds (1 pound = 1.62 dollars).

The average debt of a freshly graduated college student in the U.S. is $35,200 (unless you’re me then it’s $41,000!!!!! yeah!!!!). Most English graduates leave school with 26,000 pounds in debt. The usual English Uni (short for University, keep up with me ‘Mericans) is about 9,000 pounds.


I did a comparison of the average living costs. I used London and NYC as my two cities to compare. They really weren’t too different. In London the food was more expensive than NYC but the actual living situation of NYC (and most of the U.S.) was more expensive. To live comfortably (very comfortably if you ask me…. like super comfortably without a worry or a care) in NYC you would need $6,400 a month and 3,947 pounds (I actually figured this one out to be $6,399) in London.

So I would definitely need a good job!!!! The unemployment rate of England is 7.7% (this is their lowest rate in a long time). The U.S. unemployment rate is at 7.30% (also a low rate for the U.S.). Might be hard to find a job… Especially since I am a Librarian. Currently in the U.S. there are around 2,000 librarian job openings… And only around 300 in England. Sad face.

But at least the history geek in me would have fun in London. Look at all the fun things I could do (never mind… I’d have NO money to do these things!).


And I’ve always been fascinated by the royal family.



Honestly… I’d finally be able to watch Dr. Who without people spoiling it for me on Twitter… And that’s pretty much the main reason.



2 thoughts on “I want to move to London.

  1. LondonUnveiled.com says:

    Come on over… no shutdown here 🙂 national health care, fewer guns, cheaper universities… and a real Police Box outside the Earls Court tube station (that on Google street view you can enter and it turns into the Tardis… but in real life its just a police box).

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