Or… ya know… Just my current favorite movies. I’d like to think that my opinion matters that much… But I know it doesn’t.

Warning: This is going to be a long and opinionated post.

Now my favorite movies aren’t really in any order except for the first one. After the first one I don’t really care about the order…

#1 Ultimate BEST MOVIE EVER : Ever After


It’s so beautiful! The feels… The emotions… The Cinderella-ness of it all.

Now other movies… In no real or apparent order because I couldn’t be bothered to really think about it.

~ Monty Python and the Holy Grail


If you don’t think this movie is hilarious then we can’t be friends. This is the epitome of comedy.

~ Hot Rod


Andy Samberg is amazing. This movie will make you laugh till you cry.

~ Napoleon Dynamite


It’s so stupid that it’s funny. It just is.

~ Swan Princess


I once watched this movie 10 times in one day. It never gets old. This is my childhood in a nutshell… Not that I turned into a swan or anything…

~ Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


The best musical ever! Also, if I ever need to do extended amounts of cleaning I always watch/listen to this. I don’t know why.

~ National Treasure


I can’t stand Nicolas Cage. He’s awful. At life. But this movie rocks my history major socks!

~ 101 Dalmatians


We used to own a Dalmatian and I would watch this movie with him. He would bark whenever Cruella spoke. No joke.

~ Peter Pan (live action one not the cartoon one, though the cartoon one was good too)


Just a darn good movie. “I want to give you a thimble.” Get’s me every time!

~ Lara Croft Tomb Raider


This is just a good awesome action flick. And Daniel Craig is in it shirtless… So…

~ Fantastic Mr. Fox


I hate stop motion/claymation types of movies. But for some reason, I love this movie.

~ Singin’ In The Rain


Gene Kelly is amazing. I know he’s dead, but if he was alive I’d have such a crush on him…

~ The Hunger Games


One of the few books – to – movies that actually went well and I actually approved of. Also, it’s just a really freakin’ awesome movie.

~ Sleeping Beauty


Hands Down – Best Disney Princess Movie Ever. Don’t argue with me. I don’t care. It just is.

~ Breakfast At Tiffany’s


It’s a classic. If you haven’t watched it… Well I think you’re probably just an uncultured swine of sorts.

~ Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl


Let’s be honest. The 1st one was the best one. The others were ok. The last one was practically crap.

~ Harry Potter


All of them. It’s a tie. Don’t make me choose my favorite. I can’t. I’ll just cry.

So that’s that.

If you feel the need to argue with my ‘epic choices of greatness’ feel free to comment. I love a good fight.


Pumpkin Gutting!

Let’s be honest. That’s kind of what you do… Slit open the skin and flesh, rake out the innards, and then decorate. It’s very primal.

Anyways. I carved my pumpkin yesterday. Usually my family carves them together with some friends, which they did, without me, because I was sick. So they left my pumpkin here with me and I carved it by myself. So much fun…


Prepped and ready to be gutted.


I find it easier to cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin. That way you can just set it on a candle instead of having to stick your arm in the pumpkin to light it.


Innards. We keep the seeds to soak, marinate, and bake.


I’m pretty morbid during the Halloween season.

I’ll be honest. I love the design of this pumpkin. And it turned out pretty good for not having a pattern to follow. I really wish I could tell you how awesome and creative I am and how I came up with this idea all by myself. But I didn’t. I stole it from Steve Martin. I kid you not. He tweeted a picture of his pumpkin carving and I loved it. So I copied him. I’m shameless, I know.

My Mom carved 2 pumpkins this year because my Dad couldn’t be bothered to participate in the festivities.


My Mom’s 1st pumpkin.


My Mom’s 2nd pumpkin.

I think she got the design for the first one from a magazine. And the second one from a book… Maybe? I think it’s a cat…

Anyways, here they are lit up:





(Interesting fact of the day: I planned and wrote this whole post whilst listing to “Story of My Life” by 1D on repeat. I really like their new song. Almost made me want to do a 1D pumpkin….)

I Am Pathetic… and Selfish

So I just wanted to share how pathetic and selfish I am.

As most of you know… I am sick!

Currently I cannot smell or taste anything. And this makes me miserable because I love food… A lot.

So here comes the sad/pathetic/selfish/crazy part:

I had amazing leftover Chinese food in the fridge from Thursday night. And I knew that if I left it in the fridge for one more night that someone else (my dad) was going to eat it. So even though I can’t taste or smell anything… I ate it. I didn’t even enjoy it. But just the thought of someone else (my own father) enjoying it didn’t seem fair to me. So I ate it. And I didn’t taste any of it.

I’m a bad person.

Taylor Swift

No snazzy title today folks, because I still feel miserable. This will probably be crap since I’m hopped up on cold meds… But here we go anyways.

I love Taylor Swift.


So pretty. So perfect.

Now my love for T-Swizzle is a recent development of about 3 years. I didn’t really care for her… Because… I hate country music. That’s right, I said it. I’ll even say it again.  I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC. It’s crap. BUT I don’t think Taylor is “that” country anymore and her new music is lovely and pop and I listen to it now.


Ohhhh pretty guitar.

Now I love Taylor so much that this past summer, for my birthday, me and my sister, and 4 of my friend went to Philadelphia to see her in concert (actually me, my sister and 1 friend went to see her, 2 of my friends went for Ed Sheeran, and I’m not sure why my other friend came because they just whined and complained the whole time)!

Here are some pictures from that concert!


We are all poor, so we had terrible seats. Absolutely terrible. We were I think 10 rows down from the top.


Yep, could barely even see the screen. Still worth it though.


Most of the time I had no idea what was happening on stage. Still worth it.


Worth it.

In fact, during the concert, right before Taylor Swift was going to come on. There was a HUGE thunderstorm that hit the OPEN stadium. They advised everyone to go inside and hide. We didn’t. I made my friends sit in the rain. So if she came back on we wouldn’t miss her. We got very wet. We sat in the rain for a long time. They all hated me. But the concert was amazing!

(Side note: I was so happy when the concert actually started that I pretty much cried through the first 2 songs. That’s right. I cried. Like a freaking baby. Tears of joy. It was amazing.)


My favorite Taylor Swift song is “Mean” – mostly because I can really relate to it. I got picked on a lot in school. I had braces, glasses, super short hair, and I was fat. So yeah… Not a lot going for me. I also like: “Begin Again” – “White Horse” – “Haunted” – and a lot of other mushy sad love ones… I know I know… That’s like all of them.


She just seems like she’d be a great BFF. And yes, I know she’s dated a lot of people. Yes, I know she is always labeled as the “innocent one” and all these men/boys are terrible people for breaking her heart. Yes, I know she might be the problem. I don’t care. She’s perfect. And lovely. And a wonderful person.

She also just gave a crap-ton of money to start an awesome new school for kids interested in music!


She cares about everyone! She’s lovely!

Also, I have her perfume. And it smells amazing. I smell like Taylor Swift. It’s almost like we’re friends in real life!


Did I mention she is gorgeous?


It’s amazing to think that someone who is only a 5 months younger than me, has accomplished so much in life. I have accomplished nothing…. Well, I know most of her songs by heart… That’s something right?


Big finale finish! Whoohoooo….

I need to blow my nose again.

I Feel Like Crap

So I had this really cool post planned for tonight all about Taylor Swift.

But I gave up on it.

Because I feel like crap.

My head hurts, my nose is stuffy, I’m sneezing, I’m coughing up my lungs, I ache all over, my throat feels like it’s on fire, and I’m slightly dizzy.

So I couldn’t really concentrate on T-Swizzle.

So I’ll do that tomorrow. For now, I’m gonna blow my brains out into a tissue and hope that my head doesn’t implode during the night.

I love having a cold… or whatever Web MD decides I have this time.

I would also like to take this time to thank the 24 followers I have! Whoot whoot! You guys rock! And the best part is I don’t even know all of you so it’s not just friends who read this blog out of pity for me! Yeah! I’m not a huge loser! I’d fist bump all 24 for of you, but I can’t, you’re not here, and I’d probably pass my germs onto you… that and I don’t think I’ve ever fist bumped anyone before… 

I think I might have had too much NyQuil… 

This Post Is About A Shower Curtain

Yep. You read that right. This whole post is about the shower curtain in the upstairs bathroom of my (parents) house.


This is the shower curtain.

So my Mother has a distinct sense of decor in our house and most of it is ‘americana/colonial/primitive’ and this type of patterned fabric is called toile. The fabric kind of ‘tells a story’ of sorts. It has pictures of different scenes on it.


People apparently swinging.

I can not tell you how many times I’ve looked/stared at this shower curtain. Seeing all the cute little scenes… Naming the people… etc..


I named the young lad Bill.

I just noticed something last night. Something very disturbing. There is an animal on this shower curtain that looks demonic.



No it’s not the slightly deformed looking sheep.



No it is not the dog with the slightly bulging eyes.



No it is not even this depressed looking donkey.

It is this creature.



This is goat? Whaaaat?!?!? What happened to it? Why is it’s eye practically in it’s ear? Why does it’s mouth look like a sharp pointy beak? Why is it so lumpy? Why does it look like it has an eye in between it’s horns. Just WHY?!?!!???



What pits of hell did this creature come from? Why have I never noticed this before? I shower every day! I should have seen this. And now that I’ve seen it, I can’t un-see it. Now as soon as I walk into the bathroom… I can feel it watching me. Following my every move. Looking at me with it’s 1 1/2 eyes.



I’m okay, really


I say that a lot. I’m okay, really. Though honestly, when you have to put the ‘really’ on it, people usually know you are lying through your teeth.

So lately I’ve been ‘going through some things’ like any normal person. And since I still live with my parents and all of my close friends live in different states… I’ve been… Lonely. And I hate to admit that I need other people because I am fiercely independent. But. I might need a hug.


Recently some people have noticed that I am not my ‘normal cheerful self’ (yeah right, like I’ve ever been normal) and have started to ask me if I’m okay. Let me just get this out there: IF YOU ARE NOT MY SISTER OF ONE OF ME 5 BEST FRIENDS – I am not going to tell you about my problems. So leave me alone. Stop asking. I’m fine. Now go away.


Lately it’s been coworkers, my mother’s friends, elderly people, people who are my friends but I don’t really share a lot with them, etc… And they keep asking me. Expecting me to open up all my ‘feels’ and emotinally vomit all over them. Not gonna happen. You see, I have chosen these 5 people. They are the trusted ones (I have trust issues… that it a story for another day, let me tell you, whoa!). And even within this 5 there are different levels of trust. I do have a bestest friend in the whole wide world. And then I have 3 best friends. And then a have my great friend. These are the 5. They know my secrets. They know I’ll kill them if they share them. So random coworker, when you ask if I’m okay. And I say yes. Don’t ask me again. Just take it at face value. You can’t solve my problems (there are a lot of them anyways).


So as I currently wallow in my self pity, know that it is okay that I do so. I promise. Because sooner or later I will stop internalizing all of my ‘feels’ and I’ll either explode or go into therapy. And yes, I know some random friend will come up to me after this post and ask if I’m okay. And yes, I’m going to say I’m okay. And yes, I will be lying. But know it’s not because I don’t care about you as a friend. It’s just that I don’t want to talk to you about it. At all. So just…


I’ll be fine I promise. I have a flair for dramatics.