Jon Richardson is funny.

This is Jon Richardson.


He is a British comedian and he is hilarious!

He is currently my 2nd favorite comedian behind Eddie Izzard (Eddie is literally the funniest person on earth. Don’t argue with me about it. You can’t change my mind!)

How I first learned about Jon Richardson is a winding story of how YouTube can really mess with your head. It all innocently started as a search for “Funny Doctor Who Clips” because I love Doctor Who. Then to the side I saw an interview with David Tennant, than another and another, and then suddenly I’m watching a British chat show called “The Graham Norton Show” and David Tennant and Catherine Tate are guest with Josh Groban and…. Jon Richardson!

Jon was hilarious on the show so I clicked the next video on YouTube which was for a show called “8 out of 10 cats” and then all hell broke loose. I am now addicted to British TV shows in the worst way. I pretty much hate American TV now.

“8 out of 10 cats” is a hilarious panel show and most of the time I don’t understand what news stories they are talking about but I still laugh. The host is Jimmy Carr and Richardson is in charge of one team and Sean Locke is in charge of the other. Most of the guests are comedians or TV personalities. I watch it whenever I can. (I just re-watched the last season for the 3rd time.)

Back to Jon though… On the show he is a 30 year old single man (although I think recently he has gotten himself a girlfriend) who struggles with OCD, pessimism, and the fact that, in his eyes, the rest of humankind are pretty much idiots. This is why he is hilarious.


See what I mean? It’s sad… but funny. And he’s so adorable that it makes it even funnier.


I feel the same way buddy… Sad, yet still funny. (If you don’t believe me watch an episode on YouTube.)


Maybe I just like him because he seems to be the male version of myself (except I am not 30 yet and my job isn’t as fun as his is).

I’ll probably end up writing an entire entry on “8 out of 10 cats” because I love it so much. They recently have been doing “Countdown” episodes (another British TV show) and those are even funnier.


They have to take a random bunch of letters and make them into words… They rarely actually do that though.

Richardson also has a book out.


I just recently got my hands on it and it is ridiculously funny. It talks about his struggle with OCD and being single, but not in a sad pathetic way, but in a rather funny way. He’s not shy of making fun of himself and pointing out that most of the problems in his life are because of himself.

So if you get a chance, get on YouTube and watch him at the Apollo, or on 8 out of 10 cats, or on anything really.

He is quite funny.


Why I Love Gingers

Seriously though, I love ginger people. And I’ve just started calling them “gingers” because I’ve always used the term “redhead” but I’m not sure which one is politically correct…

Let’s start with reason #1: I have always had a soft spot in my heart for ginger boys. Honest. For some weird reason, I’ve always loved ginger boys. When I was little and I would color in a coloring book, 9 times out of 10, I would color the boys hair bright red or orange. It’s just been ingrained in me since the beginning.

Reason #2: Most ginger people have amazing hair! Now, I don’t see ginger people very often, but all of them seem to have great hair. And I’m not just talking about the luscious color that radiates sunshine, light, happiness, and joy.

Reason #3: Famous gingers are ridiculously attractive. Like ridiculous. Let’s take Prince Harry as an example. Or Jessica Chastain. Or the lovely Rupert Grint. (I am guilty of writing Mrs. Alyssa Grint on a lot of notebooks in highschool… and college… and yesterday.) And we can’t forget Emma Stone. (Yes I know she is sometimes blonde… but she is a gorgeous ginger!)

Image Image Image Image

(I think she is one of the prettiest people on earth so she gets a super big picture…. Also I don’t know how to resize pictures yet…. I’ll work on it, I promise.)

Reason #4: Ginger people are super talented! Ok, this one may be a stretch, but I’m gonna try to stand by it. For example, Ed Sheeran is an amazing singer and songwriter and guitarist and Seth Green is one of the funniest people on earth.

Image Image

Reason #5: There are some pretty fierce and powerful ginger Royals. Like Prince Harry pictured before, King Henry VIII (Looks like a fun guy right!), and of course his daughter Queen Elizabeth I (I see she got her looks from her father…).

Image Image

Reason #6: All of my ginger friends are awesome! I have lots of ginger friends (More than I even was aware of when I started this post). I can’t list all of my ginger friends so I just picked the 3 most awesome of them all!

This is my friend Lyzi. Isn’t she just adorable? I know right, just too cute.


She doesn’t qualify for #1, but she does qualify for #2, I mean look at that ponytail!


We can add #3, even though she isn’t famous, she is so pretty! She is also super talented!


Who else can make a rainbow land right behind them??? Sheer talent.

This is my friend Kayla. I know, I know, she’s gorgeous!


So she already qualifies for #3. And while we are at is here is #2, I mean look at that lovely hair!


And as for #4, well I had the honor of playing basketball with this beauty and let me tell you she is very talented. And also she has a dash of #5. Look at that fierce pose as Tyra Banks would say!


This is my friend Dave. Calm down ladies, I know I know… #3 is kind of obvious.

Image Image

#2 is applicable… Even though I’ve seen him have some pretty bad hair days… Usually is it lovely like it is pictured above and below. As for #4, he is an amazing soccer player and probably has the best personality of all of my friends (no offense to the rest of you… and I do count personality as a talent because most people don’t have one at all).


Reason #7: Just because she is a ginger/has super red hair.


Passive Agressive Internet Madness

“Don’t you hate it when people…”

“I can’t believe that some people…”

“Maybe if some people…”

No. Stop it.

It is not some people.

You are being annoying.

You are talking about A SPECIFIC FREAKING PERSON. You are not generalizing, you are not grouping together, you are not making a mass statement. You are taking the coward’s way out and taking that one “awful” person in your life and writing a passive aggressive status update/tweet/comment/blog yada yada in hopes that you will get attention/shame that person/seem like not such a terrible human being.

Sheesh. 2 days ago I wrote an FB status update and a tweet that stated: “Don’t you just hate passive aggressive, attention seeking, tantrum tweets/status updates? Yeah that’s right, I’m talking about you. You big jerkface.” Within minutes I had several people respond to it to see who it was, or if it was them, or why was I personally attacking the way they express themselves on the internet. (side note – while jerkface is not a real word, it is a great made up one)

I sincerely apologize to all of you ridiculous people, because it was a JOKE. I did it for the sole purpose of putting it in this blog as an example of how our little “internets” world works now. Back in the day when normal people were upset with each other they either spoke to them about it or ignored them. Both of these ways are still fully functional ways of being a decent human today. But in this lovely online world we love shaming someone. Even if you do a general statement… most of your friends know who you are talking about anyway! Might as well tag them.

So I can promise you, whoever you are, that when you piss me off (when, not if, someone will piss me off soon probably) if we can’t work our differences out face to face, I personally will tag you in whatever offensive update I post on the internet. Just so we all can be clear that I’m mad at you, only you, always you.

Rant done.

So… {awkward silence}

I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite awhile. Though I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to post about…

I like food, but I rarely cook. I love music, but most people don’t like the same music. I quite like leopard print, but I’ve been told that it’s tacky (though I’d like to point out that it is SO coming back into fashion this upcoming winter). I like reading, but just weird young adult books (i have a theory that I’m not a real grown up yet-fingers crossed it never happens).

So I guess I’ll just write about me, though what a terribly boring subject.

Just kidding, I’m freaking awesome. Ask any of my friends. All 5 of them will agree I’m fantastic… most of the time… usually… when I’m not grumpy or hungry… usually only when I’m quiet or asleep.

So maybe a little about myself…

  • Favorite Animal – Sheep
  • Favorite Color – Red… but sometimes pink
  • Favorite Person – My sister, when she is being pleasant to me
  • Favorite artists/bands – My Chemical Romance, Relient K, Newsboys, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Taylor Swift, NSYNC (yep, that’s right), Bing Crosby, Etta James, and One Direction (don’t you dare judge me!)
  • Favorite Food – Pizza
  • Favorite Dessert – Brownies
  • Favorite Sport – Soccer
  • Favorite President – Abraham Lincoln
  • Favorite Book – Peter Pan
  • Favorite Movie – Ever After

Well… If you’re not asleep yet, then just wait! I’m sure I can think of more trivial things to put in here.

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to ranting on here and seeing where this goes.