Overactive Imagination

Do you ever dream up ridiculous scenarios in your head that will never come true? 

Oh, just me. Ok then.

I have what can be called an “overactive imagination” – like really bad. And I’m not talking about worrying about worst case scenarios. I mean best case scenarios. I think up the best thing that could possibly happen to me and I latch onto it like it’s the truth sent from an angel and that it’s my destiny. Hence, why I live in a dream world most of the time.

For example, my current “amazing life thing that is of course going to happen” is that I will get a library job in NYC and move out of this god-forsaken town and become magically chic. I will also lose a ton of weight and my blog will become super popular and even famous people will want to be interviewed and SPIN magazine will hire me out to do special interviews and I’ll still have my awesome full time well paying job as a Librarian. I will also have super famous friends and Niall Horan will meet me and fall in love with me and all of me exes will get hit by busses. 

It got a little morbid there at the end… Sorry about that. See what I mean? That will never happen. Never. Not EVER. But for some reason that it was a daydream/dream/imagine/talk about/obsess over constantly! 

What is wrong with me? Do I need a reality check? I feel like I get those a lot anyways. I’m pretty much constantly reminded by reality how crappy my life is. Thanks reality. 

Other past “amazing life things that are of course going to happen” are: writing a movie and having Spielberg want to direct it and have me star in it, magically becoming a great singer and getting signed to an amazing label, work for SPIN magazine, actually getting married some day, Drake Bell/Joseph Morgan/Joseph Gordon Levitt/ Andy Samberg/Rupert Grint/ Channing Tatum/James Franco/Jon Richardson/Taylor Lautner/  really just any other attractive man falling in love with me/being able to afford a Great Dane as a pet and finding an apartment to keep it in/winning the freakin lottery/having Jennifer Lawrence or Taylor Swift or both as my best friends.

I think I like to live in an imaginary world because this one sucks. Get with it world! Stop sucking! No more hate! Or world hunger… And all that other stuff. Go world peace!

I’m gonna go dream about Niall Horan now…


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