Oh, crap… They noticed.

That awkward moment when you delete or unfollow someone… and they notice… and they call you out on it.

How do you even respond? Honestly, you usually lie.

  • “My phone/computer/internet has been acting so funny lately and messing stuff up!”
  • “It was so an accident! I meant to send you a message and then accidentally clicked it!”
  • “My sister/mother/boyfriend/roommate/kid was messing around on my account. I don’t even know what they did!”

When in reality the truth is: I hate you, you post dumb/annoying/ignorant/ridiculous things, and I wish you were no longer involved in my life at all.

Have I used those lies before? Yes, definitely, and very recently.

Have i used the truth? Yes, a few times, it did not end well (but they didn’t know where I lived so I was safe for the most part).

Also, as my final note… Who really goes and checks to see if someone has deleted or unfollowed them??? I have never done that. I don’t give a crap about how many friends or followers I have.

I don’t even know how many I have (I should have more though, I’m hilarious, adorable, and smart… come on people!).

For those of you who obsessively check: You make me very sad. Get a hobby… Like bird watching.


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