Jon Richardson is funny.

This is Jon Richardson.


He is a British comedian and he is hilarious!

He is currently my 2nd favorite comedian behind Eddie Izzard (Eddie is literally the funniest person on earth. Don’t argue with me about it. You can’t change my mind!)

How I first learned about Jon Richardson is a winding story of how YouTube can really mess with your head. It all innocently started as a search for “Funny Doctor Who Clips” because I love Doctor Who. Then to the side I saw an interview with David Tennant, than another and another, and then suddenly I’m watching a British chat show called “The Graham Norton Show” and David Tennant and Catherine Tate are guest with Josh Groban and…. Jon Richardson!

Jon was hilarious on the show so I clicked the next video on YouTube which was for a show called “8 out of 10 cats” and then all hell broke loose. I am now addicted to British TV shows in the worst way. I pretty much hate American TV now.

“8 out of 10 cats” is a hilarious panel show and most of the time I don’t understand what news stories they are talking about but I still laugh. The host is Jimmy Carr and Richardson is in charge of one team and Sean Locke is in charge of the other. Most of the guests are comedians or TV personalities. I watch it whenever I can. (I just re-watched the last season for the 3rd time.)

Back to Jon though… On the show he is a 30 year old single man (although I think recently he has gotten himself a girlfriend) who struggles with OCD, pessimism, and the fact that, in his eyes, the rest of humankind are pretty much idiots. This is why he is hilarious.


See what I mean? It’s sad… but funny. And he’s so adorable that it makes it even funnier.


I feel the same way buddy… Sad, yet still funny. (If you don’t believe me watch an episode on YouTube.)


Maybe I just like him because he seems to be the male version of myself (except I am not 30 yet and my job isn’t as fun as his is).

I’ll probably end up writing an entire entry on “8 out of 10 cats” because I love it so much. They recently have been doing “Countdown” episodes (another British TV show) and those are even funnier.


They have to take a random bunch of letters and make them into words… They rarely actually do that though.

Richardson also has a book out.


I just recently got my hands on it and it is ridiculously funny. It talks about his struggle with OCD and being single, but not in a sad pathetic way, but in a rather funny way. He’s not shy of making fun of himself and pointing out that most of the problems in his life are because of himself.

So if you get a chance, get on YouTube and watch him at the Apollo, or on 8 out of 10 cats, or on anything really.

He is quite funny.


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